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Wow, I haven't posted anything in forever!!!!

I love this weeks questions from thefridayfive

1. How does true love feel to you?
It's like being turned completely inside out and upside down, Feeling like you could explode with all the intense feelings, it's so hard to explain. True Love in real life is not like the movies, sometimes it's hard and you have to work at it but at teh end of the day if it's true love you never doubt it.

2. What makes you feel warm inside?
Hot chocolate, mmmmmmmmm!

3. Have you ever been in true love?
Yes that's why I'm getting married.

4. What's your deepest wish?
That my family and friends lead happy lives.

5. What's the one thing making your inside cringe with longing?
At the moment thoughts about me 2 cats who died last year. I miss them so much and really just want to cuddle them again.

Anyway since I last posted so much has happened, my wedding plans are well underway and it's set for October 22nd 2010!!!!

I may post pictures later of my dress and my handmade invites and favours, if I can be bothered :D
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My little sis is in Canada, so for the first year ever we have to have christmas without her:

Merry Xmas little sis and can't wait till you're home.
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I think these are some of the more interesting questions lately, posted at thefridayfive

1. What would you do if a random stranger gave you a bouquet of roses?
... Take them home and put them in a vase of water.

2. What is the most commonly used color in your house?
It depends if you count cream as a colour, if not then it's probably the red, I have a red wall in living room along with a red couch and red tiles in my kitchen.

3. What color is your favorite t-shirt?</a>
Green of course.

4. If you could go back in time, what time would you live in and where would you live?
It would definately have to be ancient Egypt. I don't know why but I've always had a fascination with it since I was small.

5. If you could have any ONE thing in the entire world (not including money) what would it be?
*puts on corny sounding american beauty queen accent* World Peace.
No seriously though, there are far too many people dying in the world from stupid wars or random violent attacks. It would be nice to open up the newspaper and not see news of some horrendous incident.

So that's all you're getting from me because my life just really isn't that interesting.
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1. If there was one thing about your body you could change, what would it be?
My celulite, I absolutely hate it.

2. Would you rather lose 10lbs or 10 points off your IQ?
I would rather lose 10lbs because I'm currently about a stone heavier than I should be.

3. When you look in the mirror, are you happy with what you see?
Sometimes, but mostly I wish I was about a stone lighter.

4. Have you ever dyed your hair?
More times than I can remember, it's had a whole rainbow of colours in it at this point.

5. How often do you weigh yourself?
Generally about once a month if I can be bothered but it will be every week once I start my diet.

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Once again I'm doing the thefridayfive

1.What story did you love reading, as a child?
One of my most favourite ones was Mrs Pepperpot. It's about an old lady who wakes up one day and shrinks to the size of a pepperpot and then she has all these little adventures. I loved that book.

2.What remains to be your all-time favorite book?
Oooo, this is a hard one... I think probaby the Abhorsen Trilogy by Garth Nix, or anything by Terry Pratchett.

3.What book do you usually recommend to people?
Depends on what they like, if I was recommending sci-fantasy then it would have to be the Abhorsen Trilogy or if they didn't like that kinda thing I would recommend A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini.

4.If you were a character in a book, who would you be?
Another tough one... I would love to be Eragon, how much fun would it be to have your own dragon :D

5.If you could write a book, what would it be about?
It would probably be sci-fantasy because that's my favourite kind of book but I'm not much of a writer, I'm better at the reading.
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So since the last entry my life has been both very hectic but very boring. Just the usual day to day stuff, except that Greg and me finally have a date for our wedding booked!!!! Don't get too over excited, it's not until June 2011, at least it's booked.

Other than that it's the usual shite. I'm still waiting for my appointment with the dermatologist to sort out the state of my hand. It's very sore, my skin keeps coming out in little blisters which burst and then open so I have lots of little open cuts all over my fingers :( I've been waiting for over a month now to hear about an appointment and I'm starting to get a bit irritated about it. Still having loads of headaches too but I've given up any hope of ever getting that sorted.

So have some more thefridayfive before I go:

1. If you can only hear one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Hmmmm, this is a tough one as I change my fave song form one month to the next but I guess the one that always sticks is Green Day - Basket Case.

2. What one song would you like to be played on your funeral?
I really don't wat to be cliche here but I have to say it's gotta be somethin upbeat, I don't want a depressing funeral, maybe The Killers - Mr Brightside.

3. What one song that is best to describe your feeling right now?
I'd probably have to go back to Green Day - Basket Case for this :D

4. What one song would you like to hear when you're sad and depressed?
See above, it always makes me feel better.

5. What one song that you wished you have written?
Imagine - John Lennon, purely because it's a fabulous song that more people should take advice from.

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thefridayfive is back baby!!!
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Ok so now for an update on my real life.
I turned 28 on the 18th of May, I feel like I'm getting so old!!!
For my birthday me and Greg went and stayed in a really nice hotel in Edinburgh, The Queensferry Hotel and then went to the Deep Sea World. It was a lot of fun and really nice to get away fromt he house for a night. There will be a picspam of Deep Sea World when I can be bothered sorting the pics.

I got lots of great pressies but especially my pressie from wonderwhatif. She got me a signed Michael Shanks pic (Daniel Jackson from Stargate). I love it soooooo much, it's a really fab pressie.

Other than that I've been working my ass off with AVON as usual and looking after my animals. I've also got to go and pick up my 2 new pairs of glasses next week so I'll post pics when I get them. I had to have my eyes tested and the optician said I needed new glasses so I had to get them.

I think that's about it for now, nothing too exciting happening, oooooohhhhhhh, except that thiskindalove and my mum and dad are all moving back to Scotland next month. I can't wait, I hate having to go over to Ireland to see them.

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Wow it's been ages since I've posted anything substantial, wonder if there's actually anyone who still reads this.

Well I haven't been up to much exciting, got some new furniture for my living room and started a new icon comm scifi_icontest so I've been spending a bit of time on that.

Watched the new Disney movie Bolt which was actually quite funny and entertaining. The hamster is hilarious and it has the usual soppy, happy Disney ending. Well worth a watch though.

Have started following the WeightWatchers plan again as I'm back up to 11 stone! It may not sound like a lot but I feel like a blimp so I'm determined to lose some weight again. If I can get back to 10st I'd be happy, if I can make it down to 9.5st I'd be exstatic. This is my first week and I'll be weighing myself on Monday so I'll post how it goes then.
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Yup it's thefridayfive time again:

What is your favorite food from each food group?
1. Bread (Grain) Group:
Pizza, pizza is just soooooooooo tasty.

2. Meat (Protein) Group:
I'm vegetarian so I don't eat meat.

3. Vegetable Group:
Oh this is a hard one, it depends on what mood i'm in. I love most veg but I guess I really like broccoli or peppers the most.

4. Fruit Group:
I definately prefer tropical fruits and my fave at the moment is Galia melon

5. Sugars, Fats and Oils:
Do you even have to ask, it's chocolate of course!